Preferred Reading

Philosophy and the Do

The Essence of Budo, Dave Lowery ISBN 978-1-59030-846-2

The Way and The Power, Fredrick Levret, ISBN 0-87364-409-3
In The Dojo, Dave Lowry, ISBN 0-8348-0572-3
Traditions, Dave Lowry, ISBN 0-8048-3432-6
On The Warrior’s Path, Daniele Bolelli, ISBN 1-5839-4066-9
Craft of the Warrior, Robert Spencer, ISBN1-883319-05-6
Thinking Body, Dancing Mind, Chunglaing Al Huang Jerry Lynch, ISBN 0-553-37378-1
The Calm Technique, Meditation without Magic or Mysticism, Paul Wilson, ISBN 0-7607-1524-6
The Way of The Superior Man, David Deida, ISBN 1-59179-257-6
Living On Purpose, Dan Millman, ISBN 1-57731-132-9
The Toa of Personal Leadership, Diane Dreher, ISBN 0-88730-837-6
Living In The Light Of Death, Larry Rosenberg, ISBN 1-57062-820-3

Martial Subjects

On Combat, Dave Grossman w/ Loren Christensen ISBN 978-0-9649205-4-5

Aikido, The Basics, Bodo Roedel ISBN 978-1-84126-302-1

Karate-Do Kyohan, Gichin Funakoshi, ISBN
Aikido and The Dynamic Sphere, A. Westbrook and O. Ratti, ISBN 0-8048-0004-9
Aikido-Kyohan, Roy Y. Suenaka, ISBN
Chen Hsin, The Principles of Effortless Power, Peter Ralston, ISBN 1-55643-302-6
The Book of Martial Power, Steve Pearlman, ISBN 1-58567-7

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