We Have a new Aikido Ni Dan

Rodney Covington, Sensei

And here is aour newest Aikido Shodan

Randall Hughs, Sensei



To our newest San Kyu

Steven Rosenkranz

Steve completed a battery of test in Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do and was awarded the rank of San Kyu. He is an excellent student and an asset to the dojo.

Steve will now beworking towards his next level testing which will be Sho Dan or 1st Degree Black Belt.


"First fix the heart!"


Eizo Shimabuku(Ro)


Welcome to

Shorin-Bushido Dojo

of Lakeland, Florida

Shorin-Bushido Dojo

What to Expect from The Dojo

At Shorin-Bushido our experience and preference in martial arts training is clearly inclined towards “classical” martial arts with particular focus on developing a solid respect for ones self, and others. Among our goals are to improve our lives through the training we embrace and by balancing the body, mind and spirit. We strive to train in an environment of peaceful seriousness with limited distractions.

What to Expect From The Teacher

Everyone will be treated with the respect afforded those who seek a lifelong search for individual excellence through martial arts. In addition, we try to approach martial arts training in such a way that those who wish to learn do not have to be overly concerned that they may be a little older then 21 years of age, so one does not have to be the perfect physical specimen to train.

What We Expect From The Student

We prefer students to be 14 years and older in order to train in a focused adult atmosphere, and we have had students that were in their 50’s and 60’s. We work very hard to assist those with physical limitations so that most everyone can gain an education in beginninglife-defense skills and enjoy the rewards of training in classical martial arts. Our class size is small to ensure the student's personal attention and progress.

Training fees are minimal, there are no contracts, testing fees, or organizational dues. We work to find the best equipment at the least prices so that students do not feel they are constantly paying out money. We ask only that those who come to train bring their full attention and a spirit of willingness to learn.

The Arts: 

At Shorin-Bushido our focus is on teaching three distinctly different martial arts that we have found to be particularly complementary to one other. They are :  Ki Shin Kai Aikido, Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo.


Aikido: "The Way of Harmony" is a Japanese system of self defense developed from Jujitsu and Japanese sword arts, blended together utilizing joint locks and throws to neutralize attackers.


Karate-Do:  “Way of the Empty Hand” is one of Okinawa’s greatest treasures. Shorin-Ryu is a striking and jitsu system based on 80 percent speed and 20 percent strength that has stood the test of time and created some of history’s finest martial artist.


Kobudo:  “Way of Weapons” Is the art of weapons as the Okinawan people knew them. For the most part farm tools and walking staffs used to defend ones self. Among them are the Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Kama, and Bo, and we also work with Jo and Bokken.